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Azerbaijan Targets Artsakh Wheatfield Farmers, Sparking Bread Production and Humanitarian Crisis

Azerbaijan Targets Artsakh Wheatfield Farmers, Sparking Bread Production and Humanitarian Crisis

The Armed Forces of Azerbaijan have raised alarm as they subject the sole wheatfield in the Sarushen village of Artsakh to continuous gunfire, causing a grave humanitarian crisis by cutting off the residents' access to bread production. Artsakh State Minister Gurgen Nersisyan issued a warning on Saturday, shedding light on the dire situation unfolding due to relentless military aggression.

For an extended period, Azerbaijani military units have maintained a persistent barrage of gunfire aimed at the wheatfield in Sarushen. This strategic targeting has been orchestrated to deliberately deprive the village's inhabitants of their vital capacity to produce bread. The grave consequences of this targeted attack have left the residents grappling with food scarcity and an urgent humanitarian challenge.

Farmers attempting to approach the wheatfield for harvesting have found themselves in the crosshairs of Azerbaijani forces stationed in nearby outposts. Every effort to engage in agricultural activities is met with hostile fire, making it nearly impossible for them to collect the essential grain needed for bread production.

On August 15, the Artsakh authorities reported a tragic fatality resulting from the ongoing Azeri blockade. The humanitarian disaster arising from the blockade has left residents in dire straits, struggling to meet their basic needs.

Nersisyan explained the complexities of the situation, saying, "Although every time the date and time of the planned harvest is coordinated by the Russian peacekeepers with the Azerbaijani side, and the harvest is organized at the presence of the peacekeepers on the ground, as soon as the work starts a constant shooting from various small arms starts taking place, and the agricultural work gets suspended while the civilians are taken to a safe location by the peacekeepers."

The gravity of the situation extends beyond the immediate challenge of disrupted agricultural activities. Nersisyan emphasized the critical role of the wheatfield for the residents of Sarushen, highlighting that they are being deprived of their sole source of bread and sustenance.


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