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Azerbaijani Blogger Arrested in Moscow: Accused of War Crimes, Including Brutal Murder of Elderly Armenian Man during 2020 War

Azerbaijani Blogger Arrested in Moscow: Accused of War Crimes, Including Brutal Murder of Elderly Armenian Man during 2020 War

UPDATE: Kamil Zeynalli has been released.  “According to international conventions, if the detainee is sought by a hostile country, he cannot be extradited there. Since there has been no peace treaty signed between Azerbaijan and Armenia, Russia cannot, under any circumstances, hand him over to Armenia,” stated the blogger’s lawyer.


Azerbaijani fitness trainer Kamil Zeynalli has been detained in Moscow on the grounds of an international arrest warrant issued by Armenia, as reported by Azerbaijani media on Wednesday. The video from 2020 is forever etched in every Armenian’s minds as we watched Zeynalli brutally mutilate and murder an innocent elderly Armenian man on video. 

Zeynalli, who shared the news of his arrest on Instagram, revealed that he was apprehended by Russian police at Moscow's Domodedovo Airport while returning to Baku. He stated that the police informed him about an international arrest warrant issued by Armenia, accusing him of murder. Zeynalli is set to appear before a Russian court on Wednesday.

According to Zeynalli, the police mentioned that Armenia had been searching for him since May of the previous year. Expressing hope in Azerbaijani state structures, Zeynalli is currently awaiting legal proceedings in a Moscow police department.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Armenia has officially accused Zeynalli of murder, initiating an interstate investigation against him. Narek Sargsyan, the press secretary of the Armenian Ministry of Internal Affairs, confirmed the charges but did not provide specific details about the crime.

Sources claim that Zeynalli is accused of brutally killing an elderly Armenian man during the 44-day war in 2020, with disturbing footage circulating on the internet. The timing of this arrest, coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the murder of Armenian army officer Gurgen Margaryan, adds a poignant layer to the situation, given the similarity in brutality.

Alekber Garayev, Zeynalli's lawyer, disclosed that his client is wanted under Article 135 (crimes against humanity), 147 (mercenaryism), and 149 (aggression) of the Armenian Criminal Code. Other reports suggest additional charges under Article 140 (war crimes committed through prohibited methods of warfare).

Despite the seriousness of the accusations, the general prosecution of Armenia has claimed to lack official information about Zeynalli's arrest in Moscow. Meanwhile, Zeynalli, who is a former member of the Azeri military, contends that Russian police informed him about the possibility of extradition to Armenia.

The fitness trainer, involved in war crimes during the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war, is scheduled to appear in a Moscow court on February 22. Reports suggest that Zeynalli, once a military serviceman with Azeri medals, has transitioned into a 'blogger' and a 'fitness trainer' in recent times.

Zeynalli has a track record of advocating and engaging in violence against Armenians. In July 2020, he encouraged Azerbaijanis residing abroad to assault Armenians in Moscow, promoting violence without concerns about consequences. He reinforced his call by asserting, "President [Aliyev] is with us," and added, "Even if you face deportation, you'll come back as heroes." In addition to executing an elderly civilian who had been taken captive by Azerbaijani soldiers.


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