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Azerbaijani Fire Targets Resident in Nerkin Sznek Wheat Field

Azerbaijani positions fired at resident working in wheat field of Nerkin Sznek village

Tensions escalated in Artsakh when Azerbaijani combat positions opened fire on a resident working in a wheat field in Nerkin Sznek village. The incident occurred on August 4 and was promptly reported to the Askeran regional police department. According to reports from Artsakh’s Ministry of Internal Affairs police, the fire was directed towards a 40-year-old resident from the Khnapat community, who was operating a combine harvester during the wheat harvest.

The gunfire, originating from Azerbaijani combat positions situated adjacent to the Dravun spring area within the administrative region of Nerkin Sznek village, involved firearms of various calibers. Fortunately, there were no casualties resulting from the attack, though the incident serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing vulnerabilities faced by those residing and working in Artsakh.

The assault on the agricultural worker prompted a halt in the ongoing agricultural activities due to the breach of the ceasefire regime. The ceasefire violations have not only disrupted local livelihoods but have also highlighted the fragility of the current peace situation in Nagorno-Karabakh.

As a response, the Artsakh Ministry of Internal Affairs police swiftly relayed the incident to the Russian peacekeeping troops stationed in the region. The presence of these peacekeepers remains critical in managing and mitigating potential conflicts and breaches of the ceasefire.


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