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Azerbaijanis Destroy Artsakh National Assembly Building

Azerbaijanis Destroy Artsakh National Assembly Building

The Culture Ombudsman of Hayk reports that Azerbaijani forces have destroyed the building of the Artsakh National Assembly in the occupied city of Stepanakert.

Additionally, Azeri vandals have completely demolished the structure housing the Artsakh Freedom Fighters Union.

"Footage circulating on Azerbaijani social media unmistakably shows the destruction of the Artsakh Freedom Fighters Union building by Azerbaijani vandals. This further underscores Azerbaijan's systematic erasure of Armenian heritage in Artsakh," stated the Culture Ombudsman of Hayk on Facebook.

In September 2023, following a military attack on the innocent civilians of the Republic of Artsakh, Azerbaijan forcibly displaced the 120,000 indigenous Armenian population of Artsakh from their homeland. Following the mass exodus, Azerbaijan is now erasing Armenian monuments, cemeteries, churches/monasteries, and heritage sites in order to get rid of all Armenian traces from the Republic of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh).


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