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Azerbaijanis Kill Innocent Civilian in Haterk Village of Artsakh

Azerbaijanis Kill Innocent Civilian in Haterk Village of Artsakh

Despite the agreed ceasefire that was supposed to take effect yesterday at 1 pm, Azerbaijani forces not only failed to cease hostilities but also continued to engage in acts of aggression, according to Artak Beglaryan, former Minister of State of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh). Beglaryan took to X—former Twitter to share these alarming developments, shedding light on the persistent unrest in the region.

Beglaryan reported that Azerbaijani forces maintained their offensive actions well past the agreed ceasefire time, firing shots and maneuvering in various directions for several hours. The violations of the ceasefire continued into the following day, further escalating tensions.

Beglaryan also relayed tragic news that a civilian had been preliminarily confirmed as killed in the Haterk village of Martakert Province. The village has been a focal point of tensions in the region.

Adding to the uncertainty, Beglaryan stated, "Now [they are] shooting/moving towards [Artsakh capital] Stepanakert," underscoring the volatile nature of the situation.

Earlier, Beglaryan had raised concerns about repeated ceasefire breaches by Azerbaijan, remarking, "Azerbaijan again violated the ceasefire & agreements." He noted that while the Artsakh delegation was engaged in talks with Azerbaijani counterparts in Yevlakh city, Azerbaijani forces initiated hostilities, targeting the upper side of Stepanakert and entering some residential areas, leading to exchanges of gunfire.

These continued ceasefire violations and the volatile situation in Artsakh highlight the urgent need for humanitarian assistance to the region.


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