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BREAKING: Three Armed Men Attempt to Bomb Yerevan Police Department; Two Injured, One in Standoff

BREAKING: Three Armed Men Attempt to Bomb Yerevan Police Department; Two Injured, One in Standoff

UPDATE: At the moment, no terrorist group is operating in this police department. Yerevan Deputy Mayor Armen Pambukhchyan informed journalists about this. He stated that he does not know who the man armed with a grenade was, he only knows that two people are in the hospital, one person was neutralized a while ago.

Today, at approximately 5:00 p.m. local time, at the police station of Yerevan’s Nor Nork department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Republic of Armenia reports that three armed individuals made an attempt to breach the premises, resorting to the use of a grenade. As a result, two of the intruders sustained injuries and were promptly transported to a medical facility, as confirmed by the RA Ministry of Internal Affairs police.

The situation escalated further as one armed individual remained stationed outside the police station, armed with a grenade and issuing unspecified threats. Law enforcement authorities responded to the crisis, engaging in negotiations with the armed individual in an attempt to peacefully resolve the standoff.

For over two hours, police officers, including high-ranking officials such as Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Aram Hovhannisyan and Chief of Police, along with specialized law enforcement units, have been diligently working to de-escalate the situation. Despite efforts to engage with the individual, the motives behind the armed standoff remain unclear, with the armed individual intermittently shouting incomprehensible statements.

As a precautionary measure, journalists and cameramen were relocated away from the scene to ensure their safety, while a significant presence of law enforcement officers, including the investigative committee, continues to be observed at the site.


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