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Empowering Armenian Voters: A Simple Guide to Exercise Your Democratic Right on March 5

Empowering Armenian Voters: A Simple Guide to Exercise Your Democratic Right on March 5

Western Diocese of the Armenian Church is encouraging the Armenian community in Los Angeles to get out and vote in the Primary Election on March 5th. In a detailed video message, they guide the Armenian diaspora in a step-by-step tutorial. 

Learn How to Cast Your Vote Easily and Effectively with Crucial Information

In a video release viewers are urged to recognize the significance of their vote and discover the simplicity of the voting process. The message emphasizes that only about 40% of eligible voters exercise their right, and among Armenians, the figure is even lower, standing at an estimated 20-25%.

Your Armenian Vote Matters

The video opens with a compelling call to action, stressing that voting is not just a right but the very foundation of democracy. Every eligible citizen is encouraged to participate in elections to shape the future.

Two Paths to Civic Duty: Mailing or Voting in Person

Viewers are introduced to two straightforward methods to cast their votes: mailing in their ballot or voting in person at a voting center. This clear-cut choice aims to make the process accessible to everyone.

Key Election Dates: March 5th and November 5th, 2024

The video outlines the importance of two pivotal dates in the upcoming election season. March 5th is highlighted as the Primary Election day, crucial for crucial for selecting local positions, such as City Council Members, School Board Members, State Legislators and Federal Congressional representatives.  November 5th, known as the General Election, is the date to cast the final vote for US Congressional candidates and the President.

Empowering Armenian Voters: A Simple Guide to Exercise Your Democratic Right on March 5

Language Accessibility: Armenian Translations Available

Armenian voters in Los Angeles County are assured that language will not be a barrier. Armenian language versions of the ballot are available, and individuals needing translation assistance can contact the Secretary of State Voter Information center.

Easy Steps for Mailed Ballots: Make Your Voice Heard

The video provides a step-by-step guide on completing mailed ballots, stressing the importance of aligning choices with personal beliefs. Instructions include using blue or black ink pens, filling in circles completely, and signing the ballot – an essential step to ensure validity.

Options for Submitting Mailed Ballots: Various and Free

Multiple options for submitting completed ballots are presented, including USPS mailboxes, Official Ballot Boxes near public institutions, and trusted centers such as local churches. The video assures viewers that mailing ballots is free and requires no postage stamp. Once your ballot has been mailed, you may sign up to track its status on the the State of California’s official ballot tracking system

In-Person Voting: Your Choice, Your Convenience

For those who prefer in-person voting, the video guides them to local Voting Centers, open from February 24th to March 5th, 2024. While a state-issued ID is recommended for a faster check-in, it is not mandatory. You can find a voting center near you by entering your location here.

A Recap of Vital Information: Your Vote Matters

The video concludes with a brief summary, reinforcing the importance of voting, the two methods available, the expected arrival of mail-in ballots, and the critical date of March 5th for Primary Elections.

Assistance is Just a Call Away: Reach Out to Armenian Diocese Church

Viewers are reminded that if they need additional help or have questions about the voting process, the Armenian Diocese Church is ready to assist.

Video transcript in English:

Greetings. This is one of the most important videos you may watch this year.

We are here to tell you Your Vote Matters and to show you how easy it is to cast your vote.

Did you know that only about 40% of eligible voters actually cast their vote, and amongst

Armenian voters, that number is much lower – it’s estimated to be at only 20-25%.

Voting is one of the most fundamental rights of citizenship and the foundation of our

democracy – so please, make sure to vote every time there is an election!

There are 2 ways to cast your vote:

Mailing in your ballot


Voting in person at a voting center

So let’s cover some basics first:

When is election day? This election season there are 2 important dates. March 5 th , 2024

and November 5, 2024. March 5 th is an extremely important voting day and it’s called

the Primary Election. This is the day you get to vote for local positions, such as school

board member, which affects your children and grand children’s quality of education, or

city council members which make policy decisions on things like housing or utility costs,

Congressional candidates who are the people who will represent your interests in

Washington DC and make decisions on issues such as federal spending and foreign aid

to Armenia, and of course, your pick for who should run for president of the United

States in November. As you can see, March 5 th is a very important date.

The 2 nd date, November 5 th , is when you will have the opportunity to cast your final vote

for US congressional candidates AND of course, President of the United States.

Ok so let’s get back to how to vote.

Now that ballots by mail has become a standard method of voting, you should expect to receive

your ballots on or around Feb 2 nd , since they are typically sent to households a month before

election day.

This is what your ballot will look like . Do not throw it away, it is not junk mail!

Please note that Armenian language versions of the ballot are available in Los Angeles county. 

If you need an Armenian translated ballot, please contact the Secretary of State Voter

Information center at (916) 653-6814.

You can complete your mailed ballot as soon as you receive it. It is important that you take time

to vote for the person who aligns with your beliefs and stances. Here are some important things

to keep in mind when casting your vote:

It’s important to make your selections based on your own beliefs and stances.

If you need help completing your ballot, make sure to go to trusted sources only

Completing your ballot is easy.

Open you ballot

Grab a blue or black ink pen (no pencils or markers, and do not use red ink)

Completely fill in the circle next to your chosen candidate’s name for each political


You can only vote for 1 candidate per position

If you make a mistake, don’t worry, you can request a new ballot OR vote in-person at a

voting center.

And the MOST important thing: you must sign your ballot and your signature must

match your registered signature on record for you.

Now once your ballot is completed, how do you turn it in?

You can drop it in a USPS mail box but make sure to mail it early. You must mail your

ballot no later than March 5, 2024 (election day) and received by the Registrar of Voters

office by March 12, 2024. Please note that mailing your ballot is totally free and no

postage stamp is required.

You can drop it in an Official Ballot Box. These are metal collection boxes that are

located around your city, usually near public institutions such as city hall or libraries

You can drop it in a ballot collection box at a trusted center, such as your local church (if


That’s it, it’s that easy!

Now if you prefer to vote in-person, and many people do, you can do so at a local Voting Center

starting February 24, 2024 through March 5, 2024. You may vote at ANY voter center in Los

Angeles County. It’s recommended that you bring a state-issued identification card with you, in order to expedite your voter check in process, however it is not required.

Ok so let’s summarize what we learned in this video:

Voting is extremely important and directly affects every individuals’ quality of life

You can cast your vote by mail or in-person

Mail-in Ballots should arrive in your mailbox on or around February 2nd, 2024

Election day is March 5 th for the Primary Elections so please mark your calendars

If you need additional assistance or have further questions about how to vote, please don’t

hesitate to call the Armenian Diocese Church and someone will gladly assist you.


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