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EU Council Expanding Civilian Observation Mission in Armenia

EU Council Expanding Civilian Observation Mission in Armenia

The EU Council has decided to expand its civilian observation mission in Armenia. The press service of the EU observation mission in Armenia conveyed the development in a recent post on X.

The decision, published on the EU website, outlines plans to increase the mission's personnel and financial support, intended to enhance stability in Armenia by the EU. The Council's decision signifies a strategic step toward actively contributing to peace and security efforts within the region.

The press service's post on X states, "Welcoming the EU Council decision on enlargement of EUMA. The increase in mission personnel underlines the EU’s commitment to peace and security in the region." This reaffirms the EU's dedication to playing a constructive role in supporting Armenia's efforts for stability and development.

According to the decision published on the EU website, the basic financial amount allocated for covering mission-related expenses from January 23, 2023, to February 19, 2025, will amount to 39 million 35 thousand euros. This financial commitment shows the EU's investment in the expansion and effectiveness of the observation mission.

The decision to increase the number of observers for the EU mission in Armenia (EUMA) from 138 to 209, as announced by the EU's foreign policy chief Josep Borrell in December 2023, reflects the bloc's proactive approach to addressing evolving challenges in the region.


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