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EU Mission in Armenia Opens New Hub in Kapan, Syunik

EU Mission in Armenia opens new hub in Kapan, Syunik

The European Union Monitoring Mission in Armenia (EUMA) has taken a significant step towards enhancing its operational reach in the Syunik Province. A new hub was officially inaugurated in Kapan, establishing the EU's commitment to facilitating stability and security in the region.

The opening ceremony was attended by distinguished guests, including ambassadors representing various EU Mission member states in Armenia, as well as Syunik Governor Robert Ghukasyan. The event marked a milestone in EUMA's efforts to expand its operational network, with the Kapan hub joining its existing office in Goris.

Markus Ritter, Head of Mission for EUMA, addressed the media during the ceremony and highlighted the mission's strategic plans. He revealed that EUMA envisions a total of six operational hubs throughout Armenia, with the Kapan hub being the fourth addition to the network. The existing hubs are located in Martuni, Jermuk, and Goris, and plans are underway to establish hubs in Ijevan and Yeghegnadzor in the near future.

Ritter emphasized the significance of the Kapan hub, given its vital strategic position. "This hub is of utmost importance for our mission, as it enables us to expand our presence in the Syunik province. This expansion will facilitate more consistent observations and comprehensive reports on the security situation in the region," he stated.

The EUMA Head of Mission expressed optimism about the potential impact of the Kapan hub on the ongoing peace process, a cause championed by the European Union. Ritter expressed hope that the new hub's presence would contribute to a positive atmosphere and enhanced security for the residents of Syunik.

Governor Ghukasyan echoed the sentiment of gratitude and approval for the establishment of the Kapan hub. "The monitoring mission's presence is poised to have a deterrent effect along the border," he commented, underlining the hub's potential role in promoting stability and preventing potential escalations.


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