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European Parliament Set to Deliberate Visa Liberalization Resolution with Armenia Next Week

European Parliament Set to Deliberate Visa Liberalization Resolution with Armenia Next Week

The European Parliament is set to discuss on a resolution regarding visa liberalization with Armenia. This initiative, lead by German Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Viola von Cramon-Taubadel, aims to establish a comprehensive visa action plan.

Expressing optimism about the proposed plan, Cramon-Taubadel emphasized the intention to fortify institutional bonds with Armenia, creating an atmosphere where the Armenian population feels genuinely welcomed. The MEP highlighted the broader goal of positioning Armenia as a potential member of the European Union.

"We really would like to see Armenia at some point being or becoming a part of the European Union. So at least if we come with a visa action plan or liberalization action plan, this is something tangible for the people and also in terms of trade and liberalization of our markets," she said.

Addressing potential hurdles, Cramon-Taubadel clarified that, historically, the impediments to talks on visa liberalization have primarily emanated from the European Council, rather than the European Parliament. The MEP urged Armenian diplomats to engage with specific EU member countries, although she did not specify which countries are raising concerns.

While the resolution represents a significant step forward, it is acknowledged that certain EU member states harbor reservations about visa liberalization with Armenia. The forthcoming discussions in the European Parliament are anticipated to shed light on these concerns and explore potential avenues for resolution.

This development signals a proactive approach by the European Parliament in building closer ties with Armenia, not only for the benefit of both populations but also with an eye on trade dynamics and market liberalization.


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