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Football Icon Nicolas Anelka Unveils Plans for New Football Academy in Armenia

Football Icon Nicolas Anelka Unveils Plans for New Football Academy in Armenia

In a visit to Armenia, renowned French professional football manager and retired player Nicolas Anelka has announced ambitious plans for a new football academy in the country. Anelka, who arrived in Armenia recently, shared his vision during a meeting with young footballers at the Khoren Hovhannisyan Football Academy on Wednesday.

Expressing his belief in Armenia's significant football potential, Anelka stated, "We want to open a new football academy here. I know that your country has big football potential." Beyond football, he also outlined plans to engage in textile production for children, aiming to contribute to the broader development of opportunities in Armenia.

Anelka said that he’s enthusiastic about the prospects in Armenia, emphasizing the importance of working with talented youngsters. "I am sure that there are very good kids here, but we must work with them. Becoming a football player is their big dream, and why not, maybe we can give them that opportunity," Anelka said.

The former French footballer shared words of encouragement with the children at the academy, urging them to savor each training session and approach the field with excitement. Anelka's visit to Armenia was facilitated by the French-Armenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI France Arménie), reflecting collaborative efforts to foster football development and explore additional ventures.


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