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Georgia PM Affirms Neutrality: Georgia Cannot Be On Anyone’s Side in Armenian-Azerbaijani Conflict

Georgia PM Affirms Neutrality: Georgia cannot be on anyone's side in Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict

In a panel discussion at the Peace Forum in Paris, Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Garibashvili asserted that Georgia cannot align itself with any party involved in the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict. Emphasizing the importance of maintaining friendly relations with both nations, Garibashvili declared Georgia's commitment to 100 percent neutrality in the ongoing regional tensions.

Georgia’s Prime Minister highlighted the strategic partnership and amicable ties that Georgia shares with both Azerbaijan and Armenia. Garibashvili made it clear that, given these diplomatic relationships, Georgia cannot afford to adopt a biased stance in the conflict.

"Georgia has strategic partnership relations, friendly relations with Azerbaijan, as well as friendly relations with fraternal Armenia. Georgia cannot be biased; we are 100 percent neutral and cannot be on anyone's side in this situation. My friend Nikol Pashinyan is well aware of this. I can say the same about my friend Ilham Aliyev," stated Garibashvili.

Neutrality, according to Garibashvili, is crucial not only for Georgia but also for the entire region, contributing to stability and peace.

"The neutrality of Tbilisi is important for the entire region," added Garibashvili, emphasizing the pivotal role that Georgia plays as a mediator and neutral party in a region marked by historical conflicts and geopolitical complexities.


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