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Goods and People Can Move Freely from Azerbaijan to Nakhijevan, Turkey, says Alen Simonyan in Ankara

Armenia's Path to Peace: Speaker Alen Simonyan Stresses Turkey's Crucial Role, Calls for Peace Treaty with Azerbaijan

Without Turkey, establishing peace in this region is impossible. This was announced by the speaker of the National Assembly of Armenia, Alen Simonyan, during a press conference in the Turkish capital Ankara.

Simonyan also clarified that Armenia does not hold any territorial claims against Azerbaijan. He emphasized Armenia's readiness and interest in signing a peace treaty with Azerbaijan. Regarding trade relations, he highlighted that there are no foreseeable obstacles to opening up the region for commerce. Simonyan suggested that the movement of people and goods between Azerbaijan, Nakhijevan, and Turkey should occur smoothly, while respecting the legislation and sovereignty of Armenia.

In the context of promoting peace, Simonyan recalled that Armenia has consistently proposed a simultaneous withdrawal of all troops currently stationed on the border to Azerbaijan


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