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Hayastan All Armenian Fund’s Telethon-2023 Results

Hayastan All Armenian Fund’s Telethon-2023 Results

The 26th annual Telethon organized by the Hayastan All Armenian Fund, held under the theme of "For You, Armenia," concluded on Thanksgiving Day (November 23rd, 2023), raising approximately $8.4 million. The final tally of donations from various corners of the world will be announced at the year's end, as fundraising endeavors continue.

The generosity during the Telethon-2023 showcased the commitment of Armenians worldwide towards supporting their homeland. Notably, the contributions received encompassed a diverse range: Armenia donated $552,372, France contributed $3,250,000, while the United States offered $3,100,000. Toronto (Canada) pledged $500,000, Great Britain committed $450,000, and significant support emerged from Argentina with $160,690. Contributions also poured in from the Netherlands $100,000), Brazil $92,000, Germany $66,400, Switzerland $50,000, Australia $27,000, Austria $25,900, and Romania $4,360.

The Telethon-2023 aimed to channel these substantial funds toward significantly improving the living conditions of displaced compatriots from Artsakh while fostering the holistic development of border communities. These funds will be instrumental in executing vital initiatives that promise to positively impact the lives of tens of thousands of displaced Armenian individuals.

Armenia Fund USA, a key participant in the Telethon, announced a major achievement, raising a total of $3,110,000. Expressing gratitude for the overwhelming support, Maria Mehranian, Chair of Armenia Fund Board, extended heartfelt appreciation to the global Armenian community for their benevolence and dedication. Mehranian emphasized that these funds will inaugurate vital projects, notably the Sustainable Community Housing Program aimed at ensuring safe homes for forcibly displaced Artsakh families.

Furthermore, Armenia Fund USA intends to establish the Artsakh Live-Work Cultural Center, preserving cultural heritage such as carpet-weaving and fostering employment for compatriots from Artsakh. The Center's implementation will not only revive traditional arts but also create opportunities for artists and artisans to engage in work central to their heritage.

The annual Telethon stands as a pivotal moment for Armenia Fund's fundraising endeavors. While the event serves as a critical focal point, contributions to support the organization's initiatives can be made throughout the year.


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