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HRD Condemns Kidnapping of Vagif Khachatryan as Breach of Humanitarian Law, Seeks Int'l Action

Vagif Khachatryan

The kidnapping of Vagif Khachatryan, a 68-year-old citizen from Artsakh, by Azerbaijani forces on his way to receive medical treatment in Armenia, has ignited international outrage and condemnation for its blatant violation of humanitarian law. Human Rights Defender of Armenia, Anahit Manasyan, has embarked on a mission to shed light on this egregious incident, holding discussions with international partners and institutions to address the alarming situation.

Amid a series of conversations, Anahit Manasyan engaged with various international partners and representatives of esteemed institutions. These discussions centered on the unsettling details of Khachatryan's abduction, highlighting the absence of any information about his whereabouts within international intelligence systems. Such unlawful intrusion into an individual's fundamental rights stands as a flagrant breach of international legal guarantees and standards, prompting corresponding letters to be dispatched to authoritative international bodies dedicated to safeguarding human rights.

Manasyan underscored the significance of ongoing collaboration with international partners, with fresh data continually gathered to unearth the truth behind Khachatryan's disappearance.

In a display of empathy and support, Manasyan also met with the abducted citizen's relatives, sharing with them the comprehensive efforts underway while respecting confidentiality regarding sensitive operations.

Khachatryan, a person under international humanitarian protection, was en route to Armenia under the auspices of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) for medical treatment. The abduction, executed by Azerbaijani border guards, starkly violates international humanitarian law, which expressly shields such individuals from harm.

Further compounding the alarming situation, Manasyan recorded instances of Azerbaijanis targeting Khachatryan's relatives, including minors, on social media platforms, notably Telegram channels. This reprehensible behavior serves as a chilling testament to the depth of hostility underlying such actions, reinforcing concerns of an entrenched anti-Armenian sentiment perpetuated by Azerbaijan.


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