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Israeli Commanding Officer Attempts Unauthorized Change in Armenian Quarter Status Quo

Israeli Commanding Officer Attempts Unauthorized Change in Armenian Quarter Status Quo

Assaf Harel, the commanding officer behind the illegal eviction that took place on April 3, 2024, has once again stirred controversy by attempting to alter the status quo of the Armenian Quarter of Jerusalem without a court order.

The latest incident, which unfolded without legal authorization, has reignited tensions in the historic quarter, prompting outcry from Jerusalemite Armenians and Armenians worldwide.

Addressing the community and global audience, Setrag Balian provided English commentary on the situation, highlighting the recurring injustice faced by Jerusalemite Armenians at the hands of corrupt officials.

"Dear Jerusalemite Armenians, dear Armenians all over the world, and to all the people following us," Balian began, "Once again, we find ourselves facing the same corrupt policeman, Asaf."

Balian denounced Harel's actions, emphasizing that they were undertaken without any valid court orders or decisions. He emphasized the ongoing legal battles in Israeli courts, indicating that the police had no rightful authority to intervene in the matter.

"For the past three months, this entrance has been under the control of the Armenian Patriarchate and Armenian community," Balian continued. "There are currently two lawsuits in Israeli court, indicating that the police have no authority whatsoever to intervene in these matters."

The attempted eviction targeted objects controlling entry and exit points within the Armenian-controlled parking lot and territory, a domain under Armenian authority for the past 700 years.

Balian condemned the actions of the Israeli police, portraying them as agents of corruption influenced by private companies and fringe groups. He called for unity and defiance against what he deemed unjust actions.

"This is the reality of the Israeli police - the face of corrupt policemen who are paid by private companies and fringe groups to carry out their dirty work," Balian asserted. "Let us stand together in defiance of these unjust actions."

The illegal eviction attempt has sparked widespread condemnation and calls for justice, highlighting the ongoing struggle faced by Jerusalemite Armenians to safeguard their heritage and rights in the historic quarter. As the community rallies in solidarity, the spotlight remains firmly fixed on the need for accountability and respect for the rule of law.


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