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Kirants Under Blockade, Food Shortages, and New Border Posts Installed

Kirants border guards

In the early hours of Monday morning, the village of Kirants woke up to a change. With the help of Armenia’s National Security Service (NSS) troops, new border posts were installed on their lands. This move comes as part of preparations for transferring land to Azerbaijan.

The Armenian Report’s correspondent is reporting live from the scene. She recounts how residents, upon discovering the new border posts, quickly alerted the media. The NSS troops, she observed, are stationed around the new posts.

Adding to the village's misery, Kirants is now under a blockade. Police have sealed all entrances, allowing only the residents to enter or leave. This blockade is causing significant disruptions, particularly with the delivery of essential supplies. Grocery stores, usually stocked with daily necessities, are now empty. One store owner explained to The Armenian Report that bread deliveries have stopped because the police are not permitting suppliers to enter the village.

Construction activity has also intensified. Starting at 9 a.m. on Monday and continuing late into the evening, heavy machinery and workers have been busy. While the exact nature of the construction is unclear, it is believed that they might be building an alternative road connecting Armenia’s Acharkut village to Kirants as part of the Armenian government’s border demarcation and delimitation agreement.

Archbishop Bagrat Galstanyan, a leading figure in the ongoing anti-government protests in Yerevan, traveled to Kirants today. Initially, police blocked his entrance. However, after a couple of hours, he was seen in the village, meeting with residents, praying with them, and visiting the gravesites of war heroes. Later, the Archbishop was escorted out of the village by the head of the police department in a Toyota Camry.

The atmosphere in Kirants is tense. Villagers are filled with uncertainty and helplessness, fearing the loss of their homes and lands. Despite the difficulties, The Armenian Report remains on the ground, bringing continuous updates on the unfolding situation. Our readers can access our video reports in real time by subscribing to our YouTube Channel


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