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Kremlin Asserts Unwavering Presence in Armenia and South Caucasus, Defying Pashinyan's Concerns

Kremlin Asserts Unwavering Presence in Armenia and South Caucasus, Defying Pashinyan's Concerns

On Tuesday, the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, reiterated Russia's enduring commitment to the South Caucasus region, particularly Armenia, dismissing Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's recent comments. Peskov emphasized that Russia is an integral part of the region and will continue to play a pivotal role as a regional security guarantor.

Peskov stated, "Russia is an absolutely integral part of this region, so it cannot go anywhere. Russia cannot leave Armenia." He also highlighted the substantial Armenian population residing in Russia, underscoring their contribution to the development of the Russian Federation.

Additionally, Peskov emphasized the close economic ties between Armenia and Russia, noting their role in the South Caucasus region's double-digit economic growth last year.

This statement comes in response to Prime Minister Pashinian's claims that Russia may be "unwilling or unable" to defend Armenia despite bilateral treaties and might consider leaving the South Caucasus in the near future. Pashinyan also characterized Armenia's historical reliance on Russia for security as a "strategic mistake."

An unnamed Russian diplomatic source, quoted by the official TASS news agency, criticized Pashinian's comments and cautioned Yerevan against assisting Western efforts to diminish Russia's influence in the region.

Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, took a more critical stance, rebuking Pashinian's recent criticisms of Moscow. Zakharova stressed the importance of taking responsibility for one's actions rather than shifting blame onto others.

Tensions between Armenia and Russia have escalated over the past year, with Armenian leaders expressing concerns about what they perceive as insufficient Russian support during the conflict with Azerbaijan.

Russia's reaffirmation of its role in Armenia's regional security underscores its commitment to the South Caucasus and its determination to remain a significant player in the region's affairs.


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