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Leaders Around the World Send Their Condolences Following Terrorist Attack at Crocus City Hall in Moscow

Updated: Apr 18

Leaders Around the World Send Their Condolences Following Terrorist Attack at Crocus City Hall in Moscow

The world stands in solidarity with Russia as condolences pour in from leaders and organizations worldwide following the tragic terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall in Moscow. The assault, which claimed the lives of innocent civilians and left many injured, has elicited expressions of sorrow, condemnation, and solidarity from across the globe.

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan conveyed his heartfelt condolences to Russian President Vladimir Putin in a telegram, expressing deep sorrow over the senseless loss of life. "Armenia strongly condemns this inhumane crime against the civilian population," stated Prime Minister Pashinyan, emphasizing solidarity with the people of Russia during this challenging time.

Echoing Armenia's sentiments, the Armenian Foreign Ministry issued a statement expressing shock and mourning for the victims of the terrorist attack. "We deeply mourn the loss of innocent people and wish speedy recovery to all the injured and victims," the statement read, reflecting on the gravity of the tragedy.

Leaders and officials from various nations and organizations also extended their condolences and denounced the barbaric attack. Bolivian President Luis Arce called for international condemnation of the violence, emphasizing unity in the face of terrorism.

The German Foreign Ministry urged for a swift investigation into the incident, emphasizing the importance of accountability and justice. Similarly, the Belarusian Foreign Ministry underscored that there could be no justification for such acts of terror.

Luxembourg Foreign Minister Xavier Bettel condemned the attack as a criminal act, emphasizing solidarity with the victims and their families. Meanwhile, the United States administration expressed horror and offered condolences, with John Kirby of the National Security Council expressing deep concern over the tragic events.

The United Nations expressed sadness over the reports of the attack and emphasized the need for further information to understand the situation fully. Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Turkey also condemned the attack, offering condolences and reaffirming their commitment to combatting terrorism.

The European Union denounced the attack as horrific and condemned violence against civilians. Similarly, the UAE Foreign Ministry expressed condolences and solidarity with the victims' families.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic conveyed condolences and highlighted the importance of vigilance against terrorism. The French Foreign Ministry expressed shock and solidarity with the Russian people, stressing the need for clarity on the circumstances surrounding the attack.


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