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Lebanese Armenian POW Vicken Euljekjian in Azerbaijani Prison Faces Critical Health Conditions

Lebanese Armenian POW Vicken Euljekjian in Azerbaijani Prison Faces Critical Health Conditions

Vicken Euljekjian, a Lebanese Armenian man who was abducted by Azerbaijan following the 44-day war in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) in 2020, is reportedly facing severe health issues. His wife, Linda Euljekjian, disclosed this distressing news to the Arevelk news agency.

"The life of Vicken is hanging by a thread. Vicken's health has deteriorated sharply. Lately, we rarely contact Vicken, and during that time, it becomes clear that he has serious health problems, and it is necessary to release him from the [Azerbaijani capital] Baku prison as soon as possible," expressed Linda Euljekjian.

While Linda Euljekjian acknowledged that efforts are underway to secure Vicken's freedom, she refrained from providing specific details on the ongoing initiatives. She voiced her hope that her plea would resonate with the communities of Armenia and the Armenian diaspora, urging them to take immediate steps to save her husband's life.

The tragic event began when Lebanese Armenians Maral Najarian and Vicken Euljekjian went to the Berdzor (Lachin) town of Artsakh on November 11, 2020, to retrieve their belongings, just a day after the signing of the tripartite statement. Regrettably, both were abducted by Azerbaijanis. Shortly thereafter, Euljekjian, a taxi driver residing in Shushi city of Artsakh, was presented by Azerbaijan as a mercenary, accused of fighting for a monetary reward of $2,500. He was subsequently charged falsely on five counts and handed a harsh 20-year prison sentence. Najarian was released in March 2021.

The dire health condition of Vicken Euljekjian adds a new layer of urgency to the already complex situation, prompting calls for immediate international attention and intervention to ensure the well-being and release of the Lebanese Armenian from Azerbaijani custody.


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