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Legal Victory for Diaspora Armenians: Court Decision Challenges 'Persona Non Grata' List

In a legal development, French-Armenian Diasporan Mourad Franck Papazian continues to await his right to return to the homeland as the court's decision regarding his entry has yet to enter into force. The National Security Service (NSS) holds the option to appeal the decision to the Court of Appeal within a month, as revealed in a press conference held today in Yerevan by representatives of Papazian and Masis Abrahamyan, MP Artsvik Minasyan, and attorney Ruben Melikyan.

Minasyan emphasized the fundamental importance of the Administrative Court's decision, which mandates the NSS to remove the names of Mourad Papazian and Masis Abrahamyan from the list of "undesirable persons." He sees this as a crucial step in protecting the rights of Diaspora Armenians.

Providing background on the cases, Minasyan drew parallels and highlighted that the NSS applied a similar mechanism to various Armenians and compatriots known for their anti-patriotic activities. Currently, five comparable cases have been processed in court, including those of Mourad Papazian, Masis Abrahamyan, Syune Abrahamyan, Artur Nzhdeh Karakavoryan, and Aslan Aslanyan.

Minasyan pointed out the recently published decision by the Administrative Court, which recognized the lack of legal relationship through a clear and systematic analysis. The court compels the NSS to remove the names of Mourad Papazian and Masis Abrahamyan from the "undesirable persons" list. This legal victory is seen as a significant stride in safeguarding the rights of Diaspora Armenians.

Lawyer Ruben Melikyan expressed high regard for the judicial acts, expressing hope that there won't be a need to continue the dispute in this case. While acknowledging the likelihood of an NSS appeal to the appeals court, Melikyan highlighted the importance of finding solutions for such situations and ensuring that the right of those individuals, for whom Armenia is their homeland, to return is not questioned.

This legal battle signifies not only a personal victory for Papazian and Masis Abrahamyan but also a broader triumph for the rights of Diaspora Armenians, shedding light on the injustice surrounding the "undesirable persons" list.


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