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Levon Aronian Winner of American Cup 2024

GM Levon Aronian & GM Wesley So. 2024 American Cup. Photo by Lennart Ootes.
GM Levon Aronian & GM Wesley So. 2024 American Cup. Photo by Lennart Ootes.

Armenian grandmaster Levon Aronian secured a remarkable win in the prestigious American Cup 2024, held in Saint Louis, USA. Aronian's exceptional performance throughout the tournament brought him to victory, reaching a memorable final showdown against Wesley So of the USA.

In the intense superfinal encounter, Aronian faced off against the formidable Wesley So, representing the host nation. Despite a fiercely contested battle, the initial two classic games ended in a draw. However, Aronian demonstrated his skills in rapid chess by clinching a crucial victory in one of the subsequent rapid games, ultimately securing the title with a total score of 2.5:1.5.

Aronian's journey to the final was marked by resilience and skill, navigating through challenging matchups to emerge victorious. In the quarterfinals, he overcame American-Armenian Samuel Sevyan with a convincing score of 4:2, showcasing his strategic brilliance on the board. Continuing his impressive run, Aronian won over the highly regarded American player Fabiano Caruana in the semi-finals, once again prevailing with a score of 4:2. 

In the final, Aronian displayed his mastery of the game by outmaneuvering American contender Ray Robson with a commanding score of 2:0, securing his well-deserved place in chess history.

The triumph in the American Cup 2024 not only earned Aronian the title of champion but also a substantial prize pool of 90 thousand dollars, a testament to his exceptional skill and dedication to the game. Following his victory, Aronian expressed his gratitude to his supporters, sharing a heartwarming moment with his wife Anita Aronian on social media.

In a post on his Facebook page, Aronian conveyed his joy and gratitude, stating, "Very happy to win The American Cup 2024! Tired, but very satisfied! Thanks to everybody who cheered on!" The victory not only highlights Aronian's individual achievement but also serves as a source of pride for Armenia, highlighting the country's rich chess tradition and the remarkable talent of its players.


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