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Los Angeles names intersection near Azerbaijani Consulate ‘Republic of Artsakh Square’

Los Angeles City Council

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles City Council voted to name the West L.A. intersection of Wilshire Boulevard and Granville Avenue “Republic of Artsakh Square,” in honor of an embattled region thousands of miles away that is important to L.A.’s large Armenian community, LAist reports.

According to City Council President Paul Krekorian’s office, the intersection was chosen because it is where Azerbaijan’s Los Angeles consulate is located. Since December, a blockade by Azerbaijan of the only road connecting Artsakh with Armenia has led to food shortages and other difficulties for people there.

“Azerbaijan’s dictator has explicitly threatened genocide and called for the expulsion of all Armenians from territories he claims, once again threatening the annihilation of the Armenian people in their ancient homeland,” Krekorian said in an emailed statement to LAist. “We have taken this action to affirm the solidarity of the people of Los Angeles with the people of Artsakh.”


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