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Members of Sasna Tsrer Identified in Yerevan Police Station Armed Standoff

Members of Sasna Tsrer Identified in Yerevan Police Station Armed Standoff

Yesterday’s bomb threats at a Yerevan police station have been identified as members of the National-Democratic Pole (Bever) - a political bloc that includes the Sasna Tsrer Party. Three individuals attempted to breach a police station in the Nor Nork department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Republic of Armenia. The incident, which unfolded yesterday around 5:00 p.m. local time, saw three armed individuals launching an assault on the premises, utilizing a grenade in their attempt.

According to Narek Sargsyan, spokesperson of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the armed intruders are affiliated with Bever. Sargsyan confirmed this information during a briefing with journalists today, March 25, disclosing that a criminal procedure has been initiated in response to the incident, though refraining from divulging further details.

Addressing concerns regarding the purported prevention of "Martakan Yeghbayrutyun" members from accessing Voskepar on the same day, Sargsyan dismissed the claims, asserting that they were indeed permitted to proceed to Voskepar. He further noted that 49 individuals initially arrested on suspicion of carrying illegal weapons were subsequently released due to the absence of any illicit arms.

The standoff at the police station escalated as one armed individual remained stationed outside, brandishing a grenade and issuing vague threats. Law enforcement authorities swiftly intervened, initiating negotiations in a bid to peacefully resolve the standoff.

For over two hours, police officials, including Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Aram Hovhannisyan and Chief of Police, alongside specialized law enforcement units, worked to defuse the situation. Despite attempts to communicate with the armed individual, the motives behind the standoff remained ambiguous, with the assailant sporadically uttering unintelligible statements.

In a precautionary measure, journalists and cameramen were relocated from the vicinity to ensure their safety, while a significant contingent of law enforcement officers, including the investigative committee, maintained a presence at the scene.

Armen Pambukhchyan, Yerevan Deputy Mayor, assured journalists that no terrorist group was operating within the police department. 


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