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Mexico Senate Recognize the Armenian Genocide

Flag of Mexico

On February 8, the Senate of Mexico adopted a document recognizing the Armenian Genocide and highlighting the importance of respect for universal human rights.

At the same time, the Senate urged Mexico’s foreign ministry to promote the official recognition of the Armenian Genocide by Mexico, Armenia’s Embassy in Mexico reported.

“Sustained advocacy by Mexico’s vibrant Armenian community – shoulder to shoulder with a broad array of coalition partners – has secured overwhelming Senate backing for Mexican recognition of the Armenian Genocide,” the Armenian National Committee of America said in a statement reacting to the passage of the resolution.

Armenia’s Parliament Speaker Alen Simonyan welcomed this step by the Mexican Senate.

“I express our deep gratitude to the Senate of the United Mexican States for adopting a document that recognizes the Armenian Genocide,” Alen Simonyan said in a Twitter post, which was posted in Spanish. “This is an example of adhering to human values and rights.”


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