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No Major Invasion of Armenia Since EU Monitoring Mission Deployment: FM Ararat Mirzoyan

No Major Invasion of Armenia Since EU Monitoring Mission Deployment: FM Ararat Mirzoyan

Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan reported that since the EU monitoring mission's deployment, there have been no significant attacks or invasions of Armenia's sovereign territory. He made this statement during the debates on the 2023 state budget's performance report at a joint meeting of Armenia's National Assembly's Standing Committees on Foreign Relations and on Financial-Credit and Budgetary Affairs.

Mirzoyan criticized the parliamentary opposition, stating that Armenia's current challenging situation is a result of traps set over decades by previous policies. These policies, he argued, hindered Armenia's real sovereignty and independence, effectively imprisoning the nation.

Strong Armenia-EU Collaboration

Mirzoyan highlighted Armenia's extensive collaboration with the European Union (EU), which has led to the development of a new cooperation package. This includes revising priorities in response to new realities and enhancing stability following the Armenia-EU-US meeting on April 5. A significant aspect of this cooperation is the ongoing dialogue on visa regime liberalization.

Delimitation of Armenia-Azerbaijan Border

Addressing the Armenia-Azerbaijan border delimitation, Mirzoyan emphasized that this process must be based on documents with an unshakable legal foundation. He pointed to what he sees as a successful delimitation in Armenia's Tavush Province as an example and reiterated that any further delimitation must adhere to legally sound documents.

Constitutional Issues in Armenia-Azerbaijan Relations

Mirzoyan acknowledged that both Armenia and Azerbaijan see significant constitutional obstacles to establishing long-term peace. However, he clarified that constitutional amendments in Armenia are not a subject of negotiation with Azerbaijan. He reaffirmed Armenia's stance that its constitution, like Azerbaijan's, should not legally impede long-term peace. He also reminded that discussions about constitutional amendments in Armenia have been ongoing since 2018 and are an internal matter.

Improved Relations with Turkey and Other Neighbors

In 2023, the Armenian government continued normalizing relations with Turkey, achieving broad mutual understanding on several issues. Mirzoyan expressed a desire to see concrete arrangements implemented on the ground. He also noted significant progress in relations with Georgia and Iran. For instance, Armenia signed a joint declaration on strategic partnership with Georgia in February 2023 and made substantial economic advancements with Iran. Additionally, Armenia has been actively enhancing its relations with France and the US.

Personal Relations with CSTO Chief

Mirzoyan mentioned his strong personal relationship with CSTO Secretary General Imangali Tasmagambetov, ensuring clear communication about Armenia's position within the organization. This relationship shows Armenia's intent to clarify its prospects with the CSTO, as expressed by Tasmagambetov earlier.

Overall, these developments reflect Armenia's foreign policy and efforts to strengthen its sovereignty, stability, and international relations amidst regional threats and occupation.


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