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Pashinyan Expresses Concerns Over Baku's Statements, Fears Deliberate Disruption of Peace Process

Pashinyan Expresses Concerns Over Baku's Statements, Fears Deliberate Disruption of Peace Process

In a recent National Assembly-Government question-and-answer session, Armenia’s Prime Minister c expressed his hope that statements coming from Baku would not derail the ongoing peace process. The Prime Minister raised concerns about the potential negative impact of recent statements made by the President of Azerbaijan.

Pashinyan acknowledged the differing diplomatic languages employed by Armenia and Azerbaijan, stating, "I myself recorded that Armenia and Azerbaijan speak different diplomatic languages. What are we to do? What we have to do is to align the diplomatic languages ​​of both Armenia and Azerbaijan with legitimacy."

Responding to a question from Agnesa Khamoyan, a deputy of the "Armenia" faction, regarding the legitimate border of the Republic of Armenia, Prime Minister Pashinyan affirmed, "I know where the borders of the Republic of Armenia are, you also know, everyone knows, and the Republic of Armenia has internationally recognized borders." He referred to the borders that existed as of December 1991 and the Alma Ata Declaration of 1991, which elevated administrative borders between Soviet republics to state borders.

Addressing the delimitation process, Pashinyan emphasized that it would not create a new border but rather reproduce existing borders based on agreements and the Alma Ata Declaration of 1991. He highlighted the need to record and reproduce the territory through the border reproduction process.

Regarding the peace agenda, the Prime Minister assured, "We have not given up on the peace agenda, we are not giving up and we will not give up." Pashinyan emphasized that their political vision promotes peace, not as a unilateral action but as a mutual endeavor. He noted that even if Azerbaijan withdraws from the peace agenda, Armenia will continue to emphasize, substantiate, and argue for peace.


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