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President of France Commends Armenia’s ‘Courageous’ Decision to Join the Rome Statute

President of France Commends Armenia’s ‘Courageous’ Decision to Join the Rome Statute

French President Emmanuel Macron has applauded Armenia's decision to join the Rome Statute, praising the nation's resilience and courage during challenging times. Speaking on the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Macron highlighted Armenia's commitment to justice by adhering to the Rome Statute, despite recent adversities faced by the country.

During his address, Macron emphasized, "I will add here the courage of Armenia, which decided to adhere to the Rome Statute, a very remarkable gesture given that last months have brought their share of tragedies in this country and for these courageous people."

France, in its support for stability and peace in the region, has welcomed the joint statement issued by both Armenia and Azerbaijan. The French Foreign Ministry expressed appreciation for the positive signals conveyed by both nations, particularly regarding gestures of goodwill, such as the discussions around a prisoner exchange.

"We hope these announcements are a first step toward resolving the situation of prisoners, detainees, and the disappeared," the Ministry stated in a released statement.

Furthermore, emphasizing the necessity of negotiations for a lasting peace agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan, France reiterated its firm support for swift resumption of talks. The French government called for these negotiations to be facilitated with the assistance of the European Union and the United States.

The statement emphasized the fundamental principles underlying peace negotiations, stating, "There can be no lasting peace without respect for international law and the sovereignty, territorial integrity, and inviolability of the borders between the two nations."


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