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Presidential Candidate RFK Jr. Condemns Ethnic Cleansing of Armenians, Urges for Global Intervention for Artsakh

Updated: Jan 2

Presidential Candidate RFK Jr. Condemns Ethnic Cleansing of Armenians, Urges for Global Intervention for Artsakh

2024 Independent presidential candidate, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., delivered a compelling video message addressing the critical situation in Artsakh, the historic Christian Armenian region now that has faced a mass exodus. Kennedy emphasized the urgency of preventing further violence and highlighted the need for global intervention to restore peace and justice for Armenians in the region.

Referencing the tragic history of the Armenian genocide during World War I, where the Ottoman Empire (modern day Turkey) targeted and massacred 1.5 million ethnic Armenians, Kennedy underscored the current plight in Artsakh. He mourned the ongoing ethnic cleansing, describing Artsakh as the victim of a sustained campaign to expel its indigenous Armenian population.

Kennedy detailed the complex history of Artsakh, initially a part of Christian Armenian territory, which was forcibly incorporated into Muslim Azerbaijan during the Soviet era. The recent events, starting from 2020, included Azerbaijan's brutal military actions involving bombardments and the expulsion of 120,000 ethnic Armenians from Artsakh in 2023.

Expressing dismay at the global focus on other conflicts while largely overlooking the humanitarian crisis in Artsakh, Kennedy stressed the inadequacy of mere condemnations. He urged proactive steps by the U.S. government, emphasizing the role of peaceful sanctions and diplomatic leverage to mobilize support for the Armenians' right to self-defense and self-determination.

RFK Jr.'s commitment to leveraging U.S. influence in the region was explicit. He pledged to employ diplomacy, moral authority, economic leverage, and sanctions to facilitate the safe return of Artsakh Armenians to their homeland. His objective, as he expressed, is to restore Armenia and Artsakh's sovereignty peacefully and avoid the escalation of further conflicts.

The presidential candidate urged a proactive stance to stop another war, vowing to advocate for the principles of freedom and democracy. His message called for regional backing for the Armenians' cause, seeking a secure and peaceful return for the forcibly displaced Artsakh Armenians to their historic homeland.

Kennedy's impassioned plea aimed to garner global attention and support for the Armenians' struggle for justice and the right to live peacefully in their ancestral lands. His vision is to bring about a resolution to the conflict in Artsakh through diplomatic and peaceful means, avoiding further bloodshed and suffering.

The video message has sparked discussions around the world, drawing attention to the ongoing crisis in Artsakh and the pressing need for international intervention to prevent further escalation of Armenophobia and restore stability in the region.


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