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Putin Warns of Nuclear Weapons Use if Russian Statehood Threatened

Updated: Apr 18

Putin Warns of Nuclear Weapons Use if Russian Statehood Threatened

Russian President Vladimir Putin's recent remarks on the potential use of nuclear weapons have sent shockwaves through the international community, raising concerns about the escalating conflict in Ukraine and its broader implications for global security.

In an interview with Russian journalist Dmitry Kiselyov, Putin asserted Russia's readiness to deploy nuclear weapons if the existence of Russian statehood is threatened. He emphasized that Russia's military strategy remains unchanged, with nuclear weapons seen as a last resort to safeguard the country's sovereignty and independence.

Putin's comments come during heightened tensions in Ukraine, where Russia has been engaged in a two-year offensive. The Kremlin has repeatedly flexed its nuclear capabilities, warning Western countries of the potential for a catastrophic escalation if they intervene in the conflict.

The Russian leader's rhetoric shows Moscow's unwavering commitment to its nuclear arsenal, which Putin described as more modern and advanced than any other. 

However, Putin's nuclear saber-rattling coincides with a wave of drone strikes targeting Russia's oil refineries and border regions, exacerbating tensions and highlighting the vulnerability of key infrastructure. One such attack resulted in a fire at an oil refinery in the Ryazan region.

Meanwhile, Ukraine's allies have voiced concerns over the recent escalation, with French President Emmanuel Macron's remarks signaling a potential shift in Western rhetoric towards greater involvement in the conflict. However, Putin dismissed Macron's comments, accusing Western countries of covertly supporting Ukrainian militias and downplaying their military presence in the region.

As Ukraine grapples with shortages of essential resources and faces mounting pressure from Russian forces, the conflict shows no signs of abating. Pro-Kyiv militias, composed mainly of Russian citizens, have reportedly crossed into Russian territory, capturing a village in the Kursk region.

Putin attributed Ukraine's increased aggression to its desire to disrupt Russia's upcoming presidential elections, scheduled to take place amidst a backdrop of geopolitical turmoil and internal unrest. He accused Ukrainian forces of resorting to desperate measures in the face of battlefield setbacks and failing to achieve their strategic objectives.


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