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Renowned Lebanese-American Philosopher Concerned Over Armenia's Territory and Cultural Heritage

Renowned Lebanese-American Philosopher Concerned Over Armenia's Territory and Cultural Heritage

Nassim Taleb, the world-renowned Lebanese-American philosopher, writer, and scientist, voiced observations and concerns regarding Armenia's territorial changes and the cultural significance of the country during a press conference held as part of the Science and Business Days 2023 conference in Yerevan.

Expressing his deep connection with Armenia's cultural heritage, Taleb reflected on the country's importance and his keen interest in its genetics, highlighting the significant waves of Armenian migration to Lebanon. He emphasized his familiarity with Armenia, noting its expert diaspora and the inspiration he draws from the Armenian community.

However, Taleb lamented the recent territorial reductions Armenia has faced. He reminisced about the historical grandeur of Armenia during the reign of King Tigranes the Great, stretching from sea to sea with a territory that extended to the Mediterranean. Regretfully, he underscored the ongoing trend of territorial reductions in recent years, deeming the latest developments as particularly distressing.

Of personal pain to Taleb was the fact that Mount Ararat, a symbol deeply embedded in Armenian history, currently lies within the borders of Turkey. He passionately discussed the extensive reach of Armenian culture, even extending to places like Jerusalem, yet lamented the ongoing territorial reductions and ethnic cleansing faced by Armenians.

In the face of these disheartening events, Taleb proposed raising global awareness about Armenia's plight, advocating for increased international attention to the country's struggles. He stressed the importance of informing the world about the challenges Armenia faces in preserving its cultural heritage and addressing territorial losses.

Taleb's poignant remarks shed light on the emotional and historical significance attached to Armenia's territorial changes and the challenges posed to its rich cultural legacy. His call to action shows the urgency of amplifying the global conversation around Armenia's historical heritage and ongoing struggles.


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