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Russia is not Armenia's enemy & will never be: Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova

Russia is not Armenia's enemy and will never be: Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharov

In a series of statements made during the Eastern Economic Forum held in Vladivostok, Maria Zakharova, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, addressed several crucial topics, emphasizing Russia's commitment to peaceful resolution and diplomatic dialogue in the region.

Zakharova began by asserting that Russia has no hostile intentions towards Armenia and emphasized that Moscow's responses to certain statements from Yerevan were due to inaccuracies and not reflective of reality. "Russia is not Armenia's enemy and will never be," she stated unequivocally during an interview with RIA-Novosti. She clarified that Moscow's strong reactions were prompted by the need for accurate information and were not meant to strain bilateral relations.

Discussing the ongoing conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), Zakharova highlighted the possibility of a peaceful resolution. She pointed out that Russia had mediated agreements between the parties involved, stressing the importance of implementing these agreements for lasting peace. Zakharova urged all sides to adopt rhetoric conducive to resolution rather than escalation, emphasizing the need for reconciliation and cooperation.

Regarding military cooperation between Baku and Ankara, Zakharova underlined that Russia communicates its concerns directly to the involved parties. She expressed worry over any weapons being sent to the conflict zone, emphasizing that such actions only escalate tensions. Zakharova praised peaceful initiatives but noted that Moscow would candidly address any actions that contradicted established agreements.

Furthermore, Moscow announced a diplomatic démarche to Baku following Azerbaijan's statements about elections in Ukrainian regions under Russian control. Zakharova labeled these statements as unacceptable and emphasized the need for mutual respect concerning territorial integrity.

On the humanitarian front, Zakharova addressed Russian aid delivered to Stepanakert, highlighting challenges faced during the delivery process. She condemned attempts to devalue Russian aid efforts and affirmed that the humanitarian cargo was handed over to the Nagorno-Karabakh population. The aid, consisting of 15 tons of essential supplies, was carefully coordinated with local representatives, ensuring it reached those in need.

Lastly, Zakharova emphasized the importance of the provisions outlined in signed agreements. She stressed that Russian peacekeepers were actively engaged in the region, playing a mediating role and encouraging all parties to adhere to the terms of the agreements, thereby preventing possible aggression.


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