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Russia Yet to Deliver Armaments Armenia Paid $400M for in 2021, Defense Official Reveals

Russia Yet to Deliver Armaments Armenia Paid $400M for in 2021, Defense Official Reveals

Armenia finds itself in a predicament as Russia has yet to deliver armaments for which Yerevan has already made payments, according to Deputy Defense Minister Hrachya Sargsyan.

In a statement, Deputy Defense Minister Sargsyan highlighted the absence of any deliveries from Russia despite Armenia's payment for the armaments. Responding to questions about potential legal action against Russia to resolve the issue, Sargsyan remarked, "I know that at the moment no deliveries have been made. I think the matter won’t reach the [courts] and the issue will be resolved in a collegial atmosphere."

When pressed on Armenia's expectations regarding the eventual delivery of the armaments from Russia, Sargsyan expressed cautious optimism, stating, "There’s always hope."

Armenia had placed an order for armaments from Russia back in 2021, reportedly making a payment of $400,000,000 for the weapons. However, despite the financial transaction, Russia has not fulfilled the delivery, raising concerns and uncertainties within Armenian defense circles.

The delay in receiving the paid armaments from Russia has prompted speculation and questions about the reasons behind the non-delivery. The situation has placed Armenia's defense plans in limbo, considering the anticipated arrival of these crucial armaments.

The unresolved issue between Armenia and Russia regarding the non-delivery of the paid armaments adds strain to their bilateral relations, particularly within the context of defense cooperation between the two nations.

The failure to receive the anticipated armaments from Russia poses challenges for Armenia’s defense capabilities and highlights the importance of resolving the matter promptly to address the nation's security concerns.

The Armenian government continues to hope for a resolution and remains optimistic about the eventual delivery of the armaments, although the current situation raises doubts about the timeline for their receipt and the course of action needed to address the delay.


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