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Russian Foreign Ministry Addresses Vagif Khachatryan Abductions and Urges Lachin Corridor Reopening

Vagif Khachatryan

The Russian foreign ministry, through its spokesperson Maria Zakharova, has issued a statement regarding recent developments in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), specifically concerning the arrest of Artsakh resident Vagif Khachatryan by Azerbaijan and the detainment of Rashid Beglaryan, a lost Artsakh citizen.

Zakharova commented on these incidents, noting that such events only serve to complicate the already intricate process of seeking resolutions. "What happened, of course, complicates the process of finding difficult but necessary conclusions, compromises, and solutions. Of course, this exacerbates the situation," stated Zakharova. She highlighted the divergent assessments provided by the Armenian and Azerbaijani sides, emphasizing the challenge of reconciling opposing viewpoints.

The spokesperson's remarks extended beyond the immediate incidents, stressing the broader importance of reconciliation in the context of both normalizing Armenian-Azerbaijani relations and safeguarding the rights and security of the people of Artsakh. Zakharova underscored that amidst individual incidents, the focus must remain on establishing an environment conducive to cooperation and coexistence.

Zakharova additionally emphasized the urgency of reopening the Lachin corridor, a key thoroughfare linking Armenia and Artsakh. "We are working with the parties and once again reaffirm the need to immediately unblock the Lachin corridor and ensure normal conditions for the life of the local population," she asserted. The spokesperson's call for the restoration of the corridor highlights its significance in facilitating movement and connectivity in the region.

In concluding her statement, Zakharova touched upon the vital role of political will and the willingness to engage in compromise. She noted, "A lot depends on the political will and willingness to make compromises in this matter." This acknowledgment underscores the importance of diplomatic efforts and cooperation between all involved parties.


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