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Security Alert: US Embassy Advises Caution in Specific Armenian Regions

Security Alert: US Embassy Advises Caution in Specific Armenian Regions

The US Embassy in Armenia has issued guidance for American citizens, recommending against non-essential travel to certain areas. The updated information reflects a partial easing of restrictions, providing essential details to ensure the safety of embassy employees and their families.

As of the latest notice, travel is discouraged in the following regions:

1. Gegharkunik Region (East of Vardenis):

   Non-essential travel is restricted in this region, urging individuals to exercise caution and avoid unnecessary visits.

2. Syunik Region (East of Goris):

   Similar restrictions are in place for the eastern part of the Syunik region, emphasizing the importance of refraining from non-essential travel

3. Syunik Region (South of Kapan):

   The southern area of the Syunik region is included in the advisory, advising against non-essential visits due to potential security concerns.

4. Yeraskh Village (Ararat Region):

   While passage through Yeraskh village in the Ararat region is permitted, the embassy emphasizes that stopping is strictly prohibited. Travelers are urged to maintain continuous movement in this specific location.

The embassy highlights the need for heightened caution near international borders between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Particularly, it warns that some road segments may cross international boundaries without prior notice. Checkpoints or sudden closures may be implemented, requiring travelers to stay informed and exercise vigilance.

U.S. citizens in Armenia are encouraged to stay updated on the evolving situation, adhere to travel advisories, and remain cautious, especially in border areas. The embassy emphasizes that conditions can change rapidly, and individuals should be aware of potential risks associated with specific regions.


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