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Sinanyan: Less than 10% of Armenians Have Fled Israel During the Israel-Palestine War

Sinanyan: Less than 10% of Armenians Have Fled Israel During the Israel-Palestine War

In a recent interview, Zareh Sinanyan, the High Commissioner of Diaspora Affairs of Armenia, shed light on the current situation of Armenians from Israel seeking refuge in Armenia. Sinanyan discussed the unique circumstances faced by this group and outlined the Armenian government's efforts to support them during these challenging times.

The interview began with Sinanyan highlighting that some Israeli-Armenians arrived in Armenia seeking asylum due to the unstable and dangerous conditions in Israel. Unlike previous repatriation efforts for Ukrainian, Lebanese, and Syrian Armenians, these individuals did not anticipate long-term housing or assistance. However, Sinanyan noted that there have been exceptions, with a few Israeli-Armenian families expressing interest in staying in Armenia permanently.

Sinanyan emphasized that the Armenian government's Integration and Repatriation Center is actively working with families considering a long-term stay. He acknowledged the ongoing crisis and the government's commitment to assisting those who wish to relocate to Armenia.

When questioned about the number of Armenians remaining in Israel and the Gaza Strip, Sinanyan admitted not having specific figures but highlighted that thousands of Armenians still reside in Israel. He clarified that only a small minority has moved to Armenia, emphasizing that most Armenians, over 90%, continue to live in Israel. Sinanyan confirmed regular communication with Armenians in Israel, including religious leaders and community members, to gauge their needs and explore solutions.

Regarding Armenians serving in the Israeli army, Sinanyan affirmed the presence of Armenians, both in active duty and as reservists. He acknowledged the unavoidable participation of Armenians in Israel's military operations.

Sinanyan expressed his belief in a positive future for Armenia despite the challenges it faces. He acknowledged the critical juncture in Armenia's history, emphasizing the resilience and wisdom of the Armenian people. Sinanyan praised the public's rational decision-making during turbulent times and underlined the government's responsibility to minimize losses and work towards a safer and more prosperous future.

Sinanyan shared his dream that, one day, a significant portion of the diaspora would choose to live in their homeland. He emphasized the need for a conscious decision to contribute to Armenia's growth and development, urging the diaspora to play an active role in building a prosperous future for the country.


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