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Syunik Celebrates Trndez, Azerbaijani Aggression Fails to Dampen Spirit

Syunik Celebrates Trndez, Azerbaijani Aggression Fails to Dampen Spirit

In a show of resilience and cultural pride, the city of Goris in Syunik province celebrated the cherished Armenian tradition of Trndez today, despite recent Azerbaijani attacks in a nearby village. The Armenian community gathered in the local church to honor this ancient pagan ritual, symbolizing hope, prosperity, and fertility.

Trndez holds deep significance in Armenian culture, observed by young adults, newlyweds, and families across the country. The centerpiece of the celebration is a grand bonfire, representing purification and renewal. Couples join hands and leap over the flames, seeking blessings of luck and abundance for their lives together. The ashes from the fire are believed to possess healing properties, with many families preserving a portion in their homes.

Rooted in ancient Armenian pagan tradition, Trndez was historically linked to the worship of Vahagn, the revered god of fire, sun, war, and courage. Over time, the celebration evolved into a religious holiday, officially known as "Tiarn’ndaraj" or Candlemas in the Armenian Apostolic Church. It commemorates the presentation of the 40-day-old Christ Child at the Temple in Jerusalem, occurring 40 days after Jesus' birth, which aligns with the Armenian Christmas celebration on January 6.

Despite its religious adaptation, Trndez retains its cultural significance, serving as a reminder of Armenia's rich heritage and enduring traditions. The community's steadfast commitment to observing Trndez amidst challenging times shows their resilience and unity in the face of adversity.

As Goris and the greater Armenian community come together to celebrate Trndez, they reaffirm their cultural identity and collective strength, fostering a sense of solidarity that transcends hardship. In the spirit of this ancient tradition, they embrace hope for a brighter future, filled with prosperity, peace, and renewal.


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