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The FUTURE ARMENIAN Initiative Addresses Critical Challenges Facing Armenia and Diaspora

The FUTURE ARMENIAN Initiative Addresses Critical Challenges Facing Armenia and Diaspora

The co-Founders of The FUTURE ARMENIAN Initiative—Noubar Afeyan, Artur Alaverdyan, and Richard Azarnia—have released a comprehensive statement tackling the profound difficulties encountered by both the homeland and the diaspora in the current Armenian landscape.

In their communiqué, the co-Founders shed light on the recent distressing events in Armenia and Artsakh, emphasizing the pressing need for a unified vision and concerted action across the global Armenian community.

The statement highlighted the severe repercussions of Azerbaijan's policies, leading to the forceful displacement of the entire population of Artsakh. Notably, prominent Artsakh figures, including former presidents and the former State Minister & co-Founder of The FUTURE ARMENIAN, Ruben Vardanyan, have been arrested and relocated to Baku. This has left one of the oldest centers of Armenian civilization devoid of its indigenous population for the first time in 25 centuries.

Addressing the perilous challenges faced by Armenia and Artsakh's sovereignty, security, and territorial integrity, the co-Founders emphasized the dire need for a unified approach to tackle these issues effectively. They lamented the prevailing apathy within Armenian society and the diaspora, pointing out that this sentiment poses a significant obstacle to national consolidation. Moreover, they expressed concern over the current administration's inability to confront these critical challenges adequately.

The co-Founders underscored the urgency of formulating a united vision for the future, implementing responsible governance, and bridging the gap between available professional resources in Armenia and the diaspora. They highlighted the importance of collective engagement and the coordination of efforts to seek sustainable solutions.

The statement outlined specific priorities for action, emphasizing the need to strengthen collective resilience in Armenia, secure reliable partnerships, and advocate for the rights of the people of Artsakh, ensuring their safe return and preservation of cultural heritage.

The FUTURE ARMENIAN Initiative, launched after the devastating 2020 war, aimed to foster dialogue and create a shared framework for envisioning a brighter future for Armenia and Armenians worldwide. Over 110,000 individuals from 108 countries joined the initiative, aiming to overcome polarization, despair, and formulate comprehensive solutions.

The co-Founders expressed gratitude to their Signatories for unwavering support and highlighted the imperative for all Armenians to unite, rise above despair and division, and collectively work toward a prosperous future for the entire Armenian community—personally, socially, and nationally.


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