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Two Armenian Servicemen Die Within a Day in Separate Incidents

Two Armenian Servicemen Die Within a Day in Separate Incidents

Armenia mourns the loss of two servicemen in separate incidents within a day. The incidents, involving fatal gunshot wounds, have sparked investigations by the Ministry of Defense and the Investigative Committee of Armenia.

The first incident unfolded at approximately 6:20 am on Tuesday, resulting in the discovery of contract soldier Karen Karapetyan's lifeless body. Karapetyan was found in a combat position at a guard station within an Armenian military unit, succumbing to a fatal gunshot wound. The incident occurred at the Vardenis Department of the Military Police, where a report was filed regarding the death of a contract soldier. The initial report detailed how the soldier, responsible for a guard station's combat position, suffered a fatal gunshot wound, allegedly inflicted by a fellow conscript soldier. The Investigative Committee of Armenia swiftly launched a criminal investigation into the matter, detaining the suspected soldier pending further inquiries.

In a separate yet equally tragic incident, senior lieutenant Mikael Samveli Danielyan was found dead at approximately 11:30am local time on January 9. Danielyan's body was discovered with a gunshot wound in the guard station of the N military unit under the Ministry of Defense. As with the previous case, an ongoing investigation aims to shed light on the circumstances surrounding this heartbreaking loss.

The Ministry of Defense has conveyed heartfelt condolences and unwavering support to the families, relatives, and comrades of the fallen servicemen during this difficult time.

These distressing events have prompted heightened scrutiny and urgency to determine the causes of these tragic losses within the Armenian military. The investigations continue as the nation mourns the untimely deaths of these dedicated servicemen.


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