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Two Years After Russian-Ukrainian War: Footballer Zhirayr Margaryan's Escape from War to Armenian Victory

Two Years After Russian-Ukrainian War: Footballer Zhirayr Margaryan's Escape from War to Armenian Victory

Today marks the remembrance of two years since the start of the Russian-Ukrainian war, a conflict that has impacted diverse parts of life, including the realm of sports. On this anniversary, The Armenian Report delves into the experiences of Zhirayr Margaryan, a current player of the Armenian national football team and a champion with Urartu FC, who found himself in the midst of the turmoil during the early days of the war.

In an exclusive interview with Margaryan, he recounts the unforeseen impact of war on his football career. At the onset of the conflict, Armenian football players, including Margaryan, plied their trade in Ukraine. He reminisces about his time with the Ukrainian football club Veres, highlighting the abrupt disruption that unfolded within a month, forcing him not only to depart from the club but also to flee the country.

Margaryan narrates the shocking turn of events, revealing that the war announcement came just one day before the team was scheduled to travel to Poltava for their next match. The club, recognizing the gravity of the situation, facilitated Margaryan's exit, guiding him to cross the Polish border. However, the journey was fraught with challenges – a 25 km trek alongside numerous others seeking refuge, days of waiting, and a harrowing passage marked only by holding a white flag.

In Poland, Margaryan's resilience and determination led him to connect with the Armenian ambassador and the Football Federation of Armenia. Through collaborative efforts, he successfully returned to Armenia. In a twist of fate, Margaryan, upon joining Urartu FC, went on to clinch both the championship and cup in Armenia that year.*]

Despite the uncertainties surrounding his aspirations for a higher league career, Margaryan remains philosophical. He acknowledges that fate is guided by a higher power, and whatever unfolds is in accordance with God's will. The full interview with Zhirayr Margaryan is available on The Armenian Report's website and YouTube channel, offering a compelling insight into his remarkable journey.


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