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U.S. Urges Israel to Address Concerns Regarding Armenian Residents in Jerusalem

Updated: Jan 8

U.S. Urges Israel to Address Concerns Regarding Armenian Residents in Jerusalem

The United States has officially petitioned Israel concerning the situation of Armenians residing in Jerusalem, particularly within the Armenian Quarter of the Old City. The appeal comes amid growing concerns over the reported displacement of Armenian Christians due to escalated tensions in the region, linked specifically to the conflict near the "Cows’ Garden" area of the Armenian Quarter.

Matthew Miller, Spokesperson of the US Department of State, highlighted the urgency of the matter during a Wednesday press briefing. "But as we have said on a number of occasions, we do not want to see the Government of Israel take any steps that would escalate tensions," stated Miller, refraining from specifying the exact response received from Israel regarding the petition.

The focal point of apprehension centers around the Armenian Quarter of the Old City, where prominent figures have voiced distress regarding what they perceive as attempts by the Israeli government to displace Armenian Christians amidst the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

"Top authorities in the Armenian Quarter have expressed deep concern over what appears to be a strategy by the Israeli government to uproot Armenian residents from this historic area," disclosed sources familiar with the situation.

This unrest and anxiety stem from a conflict intricately linked to the region encompassing the "Cows’ Garden" area within the Armenian Quarter. The dispute has sparked worry among the Armenian community, leading to heightened tensions and a growing sense of insecurity among its residents.

We would also like to remind our readers of the attack that occurred a week ago, where an estimated 30 assailants, dressed in black attire and masks, carried out a violent assault on the Armenian community in Jerusalem’s Old City, particularly near the "Cows’ Garden" area. Armed with an array of sticks, tear gas grenades, and various weapons, the attackers targeted Armenian clergy, seminarians, and youth.

The Armenian Quarter holds significant historical and cultural value, housing religious sites and establishments integral to the Armenian heritage. Any disturbances or displacement within this enclave could have far-reaching implications for the centuries-old Armenian presence in Jerusalem.


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