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UK Says It's Monitoring the Situation at the Cow Garden Site in the Armenian Quarter of Old Jerusalem

UK Says It's Monitoring the Situation at the Cow Garden Site in the Armenian Quarter of Old Jerusalem

The United Kingdom says its closely monitoring the situation at the Cow Garden site in the Armenian Quarter of Old Jerusalem, emphasizing the need to prevent any escalation of tensions. Andrew Mitchell, UK Minister of State for Development, addressed the issue in response to a question by Tommy Sheppard.

Mitchell underlined the UK's clear and longstanding position on the status of Jerusalem, emphasizing the importance of determining it through negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians. The UK advocates for Jerusalem to be the shared capital of both Israeli and Palestinian states.

"The UK is a strong supporter of Freedom of Religion or Belief (FoRB) and an advocate for the integrity of culturally important areas to be respected. The UK continues to take a strong stance against settler violence, and urges Israel to take stronger action to stop settler violence and hold the perpetrators accountable. We keep our sanctions under review and reserve the right to introduce further measures," stated the Minister.

The controversy surrounding the Cows Garden emerged when the Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem, Archbishop Nourhan Manougian, leased the area for 99 years, leading to widespread protests and opposition. The Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem eventually decided to cancel the lease agreement.

In December 2023, a video shared on X captured an unsettling episode involving George Warwar, the leader of XANA Capital Ltd. Previously seen meeting leaders of the Ateret Cohanim group, Warwar appeared to aggressively intimidate and threaten peaceful Armenian community members.

Later in December, a violent attack unfolded in the heart of Jerusalem's Old City. Approximately 30 assailants, clad in black attire and masks, launched a brutal assault on the Armenian community in the Cows' Garden area. Armed with sticks, tear gas grenades, and assorted weapons, the attackers sought to intimidate, harm, and forcibly expel Armenian residents from their homes.

The UK's expression of concern underscores the gravity of the situation, calling for diplomatic efforts to ease tensions and ensure the safety of all residents in the Armenian Quarter of Old Jerusalem.


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