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Ukrainian Teenagers Tigran Hovhannisyan and Nikita Khanganov Killed Amidst Tensions

Ukrainian Teenager Tigran Hovhannisyan

The city of Berdyansk in the Zaporizhia region has been marred by a devastating incident that claimed the lives of two young Ukrainian teenagers, Tigran Hovhannisyan and Nikita Khanganov, both aged 16. The tragic event unfolded on June 24 and has sparked widespread concern and condemnation.

The Ukrainian Helsinki Union for Human Rights and the Media Initiative for Human Rights reported on the murder of the two teenagers in Berdyansk. According to human rights activist Olga Reshetilova, there are still many unknown circumstances surrounding the case.

Reports on the incident have emerged from multiple sources, with Vladimir Rogov, the head of the public movement 'We Are with Russia' in Zaporizhia, referring to the victims as "terrorists." He claimed that the two Ukrainians were killed by Russian forces in an alleged shootout on the evening of June 24.

As the details emerged, it was revealed that the Ukrainian teenagers had been hunted by Russian forces in Berdyansk due to their pro-Ukrainian stance. The tragic incident was confirmed by the Berdyansk City Military Administration, human rights activists, and Ukrainian Ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets. The Zaporizhzhia region's occupation authorities also acknowledged the event.

The situation in Berdyansk has been complex, with the boys and their families facing persecution for their pro-Ukrainian stance. Tigran Hovhannisyan had previously been abducted from his home and subjected to brutal interrogation and torture, including the use of electric shocks.

The European Parliament had demanded the release of the boys to Ukrainian-controlled territory, but the Russian authorities heartlessly refused, despite various efforts to bring them back home.

The deaths of Tigran Hovhannisyan and Nikita Khanganov have been met with deep sorrow and outrage, with Ukrainian investigative authorities opening a criminal investigation into the tragic incident. The loss of these young lives further underscores the ongoing tensions and complexities in the region, highlighting the urgent need for a peaceful resolution to the conflicts in the area.


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