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UNICEF Urges Prioritizing Children’s Safety Amid Lachin Corridor Blockade Crisis

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In response to concerns surrounding the ongoing blockade of the Lachin corridor and its ramifications on the vulnerable population of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), particularly the 30,000 children affected, UNICEF has issued a resolute statement.

UNICEF's Europe and Central Asia Regional Director, Octavian Bivol, underscored the paramount importance of upholding humanitarian principles and child rights in the face of crisis. Bivol stated, "UNICEF echoes the appeal of the United Nations Secretary-General. In line with the principles enshrined in international humanitarian law and child rights, UNICEF calls on all parties to ensure humanitarian access for the distribution of critical supplies to children and their families. We urge all parties involved and those who have influence over them to place children’s safety and survival above all other considerations."

As the world watches the unfolding situation, UNICEF's call to prioritize the well-being of children serves as a powerful reminder of the collective responsibility to protect the most vulnerable in times of adversity. The organization's plea for unfettered humanitarian access echoes the growing chorus of voices advocating for immediate intervention to alleviate the dire circumstances faced by the people of Artsakh.


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