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Widespread Malnutrition Crisis Unfolds in Nagorno-Karabakh: Urgent Steps Needed

Widespread Malnutrition Crisis Unfolds in Nagorno-Karabakh: Urgent Steps Needed

Alarming reports of widespread malnutrition and a paralyzed society have emerged from Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), emphasizing the urgent need for coordinated efforts to address the dire humanitarian situation. Vardan Sargsyan, representative of the humanitarian crisis management working group in Artsakh, shed light on the grave conditions prevailing in the border area of Kornidzor during an interview with Armenian media Lurer.

The blockade by Azerbaijan has resulted in a dire predicament for the people of Artsakh, affecting virtually every aspect of daily life. Healthcare, education, agriculture, transportation, energy, and water supply systems are reeling from severe challenges, leaving the region on the brink of catastrophe.

Sargsyan stressed the gravity of the situation, stating, "We are receiving extremely worrying information from Karabakh, which prove that there is an almost paralyzed situation in almost all spheres of life. Healthcare, education system, agriculture, transport, energy, water supply are serious problems in almost all directions." Sargsyan underscored that inaction amid this crisis is simply not an option, and swift, decisive actions are imperative.

One of the most alarming consequences of the ongoing crisis is the reports of widespread malnutrition, which has already inflicted irreparable damage on the vulnerable population. The dire state of affairs serves as a stark reminder that proactive measures and a clear plan of action are critical to alleviate the mounting suffering.

The humanitarian aid intended for Artsakh has been stuck at the border area of Kornidzor for 17 days, exacerbating the suffering of the people in need. On August 9, a humanitarian aid shipment arrived from various French cities, adding to the supplies awaiting entry into Artsakh. Currently, 22 trucks loaded with essential provisions are stationed near the border, positioned to mitigate the looming humanitarian disaster.

The situation in Artsakh has ignited a call to action, compelling both local and international stakeholders to swiftly address the multifaceted challenges gripping the region. With every passing day, the urgency for a collaborative response becomes more evident, as the people of Artsakh continue to grapple with the devastating effects of malnutrition and the collapse of critical infrastructure.


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