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150 Artsakh Citizens Baptized in Moving Ceremony

150 Artsakh Citizens Baptized in Moving Ceremony

Today a spiritually charged event took place in Armenia as 150 individuals from Artsakh were baptized across six churches in Masis. Initially planned for 140 children, the ceremony took an unexpected turn as parents who had not previously been baptized expressed their heartfelt desire to partake in the ceremony alongside their children. This initiative was spearheaded by Davit Hambardzumyan, the Mayor of Masis, and Primate of the Diocese of Masyatsotn, Bishop Gevork Saroyan.

Mayor Davit Hambardzumyan, speaking to journalists, conveyed the primary objective behind this initiative, emphasizing the integration of the people of Artsakh into the fabric of the community. "Our aim is to welcome the people of Artsakh into our community, providing them solace amidst their struggles. We stand firmly behind them," he expressed.

He further highlighted the significance of this spiritual event in the lives of the participants, highlighting the profound connection to their faith. "The most important aspect is their conversion to Christianity, and we are honored to be a part of this significant moment," Mayor Hambardzumyan added.

In an exclusive interview with The Armenian Report, individuals from Artsakh shared sentiments of gratitude and blessings following their baptism. Expressing their gratitude to God for their salvation, they also expressed prayers and hope for the restoration and return of Artsakh.

The baptism ceremony stands as a symbolic and powerful testament to the unity, faith, and resilience of the people of Artsakh. The video interview accompanying this article provides further insights into this touching and spiritually significant event, capturing the emotions, prayers, and aspirations of those who participated in this remarkable ceremony.


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