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Anti-Armenian Hate Flyers Found on Street in Los Angeles

Anti-Armenian Hate Flayers

On Saturday, January 28 the Armenian-American diaspora of Los Angeles held a march for Artsakh. During that time, the protesters spotted the hate flyers.

The poster reads: Azerbaijan, Turkey, Pakistan, Israel: Four brothers will wipe Armenia off the map.

The Mayor of Beverly Hills wasted no time to address the hate flyers. Mayor Lili Bosse took to social media to post the following message: Today, a resident alerted BHPD that anti-Armenian flyers were posted on street poles in our City. I’ve said it over and over again, hate has no place in Beverly Hills or anywhere. I will always stand up, I will always speak out.

The Armenian Report reached out to Glendale City Mayor Ardy Kassakhian who was present during the march on Saturday.

“The people who posted the hate flyers are trying to intimidate and incite fear and violence against Armenian Americans and by extension to justify the genocidal acts of the Azeri government. I hope the appropriate authorities will investigate this incident,” Kassakhian’s statement to The Armenian Report reads.

Kassakhian concluded his statement with a message to his fellow Armenian-Americans. “To my Armenian American brothers and sisters - I ask you all to not be deterred in our quest for justice and peace. The purpose of such hate filled actions is to silence us and the perpetrators win when we remain silent. Speak up and take action. That's our right as Americans! Call on our leaders in Washington to stop supporting Azerbaijan immediately.”


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