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Armenia and Azerbaijan Report Exchange of Gunfire Along Border, One Azerbaijani Soldier Wounded

Armenia and Azerbaijan Report Exchange of Gunfire Along Border, One Azerbaijani Soldier Wounded

A recent exchange of gunfire between Armenian and Azerbaijani forces along a heavily fortified section of the border resulted in one Azerbaijani border guard sustaining injuries, authorities from both countries confirmed on Wednesday afternoon.

The National Security Service (NSS) of Armenia disclosed that the gunfire erupted following an incident involving an Armenian shepherd inadvertently crossing into Azerbaijani-controlled territory near the Armenian village of Nerkin Khndzoresk in the southern Syunik Province. The NSS clarified that the events escalated into a shootout, resulting in the injury of one Azerbaijani serviceman.

Expressing readiness for a joint investigation with Azerbaijani counterparts, the NSS emphasized the importance of clarifying the circumstances surrounding the incident. While emphasizing the undesirability of such incidents, the NSS also acknowledged the return of the shepherd and his flock to Armenian territory.

Contrary to Armenia's account, Azerbaijan's State Border Service reported a violation of the state border by two Armenians who allegedly drove a flock of sheep 300 meters inside Azerbaijani territory. According to Azerbaijani authorities, their border guards came under fire from an Armenian combat post during attempts to prevent the violation, resulting in injuries to senior lieutenant Rovshan Mamedov.

The wounded Azerbaijani soldier is the first casualty reported in a series of border shooting incidents that have intensified tensions between the two countries in recent days. Azerbaijan's State Border Service held Armenia's military-political leadership responsible for the latest provocation, asserting that the border situation is currently stable and under their control.


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