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Armenia and UK Sign Defense Sector Cooperation Program for 2023/24

Armenia and UK Sign  Defense Sector Cooperation Program for 2023/24

London hosted the sixth Armenia-United Kingdom (UK) strategic defense consultations, marking another milestone in the ongoing efforts to bolster cooperation in defense and security between the two nations. The high-level meeting took place on Tuesday, gathering key representatives from both sides to deliberate on critical issues shaping regional security and bilateral defense collaboration.

Led by Levon Ayvazyan, Head of the General Department of Defense Policy and International Cooperation at the Ministry of Defense (MoD) of Armenia, the Armenian delegation engaged in comprehensive discussions with their UK counterparts. The Ministry of Defense shared insights into regional and international security dynamics while emphasizing Armenia's commitment to fostering peace and stability, notably through initiatives such as the "Crossroads of Peace" project.

During the dialogue, Ayvazyan highlighted Armenia's proactive measures to address the security landscape surrounding the nation. He elaborated on Armenia's multifaceted approach to regional stability and outlined significant reforms underway within the country's armed forces.

Armenia and UK Sign  Defense Sector Cooperation Program for 2023/24

Importantly, both sides delved into the existing trajectory and potential avenues for furthering Armenia-UK bilateral military cooperation. They acknowledged the substantial scope for collaboration across various new domains and expressed mutual readiness to actualize the agreed-upon strategies and initiatives.

The conclusive highlight of the consultations was the signing of the 2023/24 program for cooperation in the defense sector between Armenia and the UK. Levon Ayvazyan, representing Armenia, and David Morgan, Director of the Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia Policy at the UK Ministry of Defense, formalized this pivotal agreement, signifying a renewed commitment to enhancing defense ties.

Both parties announced plans to convene the seventh Armenia-UK strategic defense consultations in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. This decision further reinforces the shared dedication to continuous dialogue and collaboration in fortifying defense relations.


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