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Armenia Grants Refugee Status to Turkish Nationals in 2023

Armenia Grants Refugee Status to Turkish Nationals in 2023

In 2023, Armenia's Statistical Committee reported that a total of 8,761 individuals secured residence status within the country. This figure included 3,658 citizens from CIS countries and 266 from EU states.

Of the total, 5,073 people were granted temporary residence, 3,274 obtained permanent residence, and 414 received special residence status. The largest cohorts of recipients hailed from Russia and India, with 3,350 and 2,035 individuals. Notably, 2,137 individuals from Russia and 41 from India secured permanent residence in Armenia.

In the latter half of the previous year, Armenia received asylum applications from 370 nationals of various countries. Of these, 193 individuals from 14 different countries, along with one person of unknown citizenship, were granted refugee status. Ukraine led the list with 94 refugees, followed by Haiti (28), Iraq (17), Syria (16), Iran (11), Turkey (7), and Yemen (6). The majority of asylum seekers fell within the 35 to 64 age group.

Iraq (109), Ukraine (91), Iran (57), Egypt (42), Russia (13), and Turkey (9) were the primary countries of origin for asylum seekers during this period. Additionally, the report revealed that the refugee status of 35 individuals was terminated, and 98 asylum applications involving 187 persons were either suspended or terminated. 


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